Recipe 23a - Swing with Overlapping Action

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What You Will Learn

You will add an Overlapping Action to the basic Swing recipe. You will learn that Overlapping Action adds a sense of realistic physics to an animation. Overlapping Action is a common animation vocabulary word for the "lag" or "floppy parts" of a main action.

Why Is This Important?

Swing with Overlapping Action uses the hinge action where the clay guy holds onto the rope or point of contact, to amplify the physics or weight of the momentum. Other examples include when an arm swings and the hand lags behind bending at the hinge of the wrist. On a trampoline, long hair lags behind the main jumping motion with an Overlapping Action from where the hair contacts the head. When an animator looks for opportunities for Overlapping Action, this is evidence of an intermediate or advanced level mind set.