Recipe 16 - Quiver

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What You Will Learn

The ability to "Quiver" is an animation basic. A quiver is much like a shake, but one end of the object stays in one place while the other moves back and forth until it stops. 

Think of animating a diving board or an arrow as it hits a target. Both are still or locked down on one end, as the other end “vibrates” or “quivers” until it stops. You will learn that a quiver is a fun way to “follow-through” after an action like jumping off a diving board.

Why Is This Important?

Your audience is visually intelligent. They know where things quiver in the real world. So knowing how to quiver adds yet another skill to your animation tool kit. In addition to diving boards, quivers happen when a hammer rings a bell, when a ball hits a head, when someone steps on a rake, when an arrow hits a target, etc.