Recipe 3 - Sound Design

What You Will Learn

The most powerful sound design app in the world is your mouth! You were born with an amazing sound effects machine on the front of your face. The abbreviation for “sound effects” is SFX. As we complete each lesson, add SFX where it seems appropriate. It might be a “boing” or a “thump” or an engine revving. Use your mouth for the fastest and easiest SFX. Most stop motion apps have a sound button. You will learn to look for this button. 

Why Is This Important?

The more animation you do, the more you will notice that sound is almost MORE important than animation. Sound covers many animation flaws. You can have poor animation, and great sound and your audience will forgive you. But if you have great animation and poor sound, or if the sound doesn't match the action, the audience will not enjoy your animation.

No amount of cool animation can overcome the effects of bad sound. If you want to entertain your audience, you will do it by having skills with sound.