We are the Animating Kids Team

We are a media-making family. The Animation Chefs are brothers, pictured here with Mom and Dad and Sophie, our Shihpoo. (She is animated by food and squirrels)

Dad has created media for T.V., film production, apps, and websites with media companies in New York for almost three decades. Mom is a painter and our set decorator/make-up artist/costume stylist and on-site healthcare practitioner.

10-11 years ago, during the early days of YouTube, Facebook, smartphones, etc,. dad had an epiphany…

"This is the coolest time to be a kid! All the expensive technologies we use to make movies and TV used to cost as much as a house!

Now they are migrating to tablet and smartphone apps!

It's all becoming child's play!

Let's make an animation on the kitchen table tonight!"

Even though this all seems commonplace today, back in 2010 it was new and exciting.

So as a family we made our first animation with an iPad stop motion app and some paper-cutouts.

One thing led to another, and long-story-short, our little table-top animation led to a walk on the red carpet opening night at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC.

Kids making animated movies with iPads was news!  

On the red carpet opening night @ Tribeca Film Festival

On the red carpet opening night @ Tribeca Film Festival

Paparazzi swarm the young Animation Chefs

Paparazzi swarm the young Animation Chefs

This amazing experience, which included watching our animation on the big screen with all the movies stars "in the house" marked the beginning of our quest to share this knowledge with kids everywhere.

We got busy.

Our family's favorite TV show at the time was Iron Chef (the Japanese version) so we mixed the ideas of stop motion animation with an Iron Chef-like format of surprise ingredients, recipes and utensils. All the boys dressed up like Chefs.

Mom and dad put mystery items in a big soup pot, and the Animation Chefs had to animate what ever fell out of the pot (here are a few of the results: Justin Bieber vs GodzillaWooden guy with paperNinja Ice Cream Cone • Fruit and Veggies).

Pretty soon the Animation Chefs were being viewed in 70+ countries. We had tapped a movement of educators and parents all over the world who were hungry to help their kids learn visual communications.

This led to demonstrations in schools, after schools, camps, the Bronx Zoo, Apple Retail Stores, conferences, film festivals, and cultural arts centers from New York City to Qatar to Rwanda!

Animation Chefs presenting their secret recipes @ Tribeca Film Festival street fair in Manhattan

Animation Chefs presenting their secret recipes @ Tribeca Film Festival street fair in Manhattan

The Animation Chefs have literally grown up animating and teaching digital storytelling.

There is a lot more to our story, but in short, our students and fans have created over 40 hours of stop motion animation. This is the equivalent of all of the Pixar movies put together in shear volume.

If you know anybody who has helped more kids make movies, let us know. We would like to meet them!

In late 2014, we paused our webshow and cut way back on live events to focus exclusively on systematizing everything we've learned: every rule, formula, recipe, or concept we'd used and learned from the history of animation.

We knew it was a matter of time before everybody had the entire Hollywood filmmaking tooset in their pocket.

Our goal was to reimagine stop motion animation to be a vehicle to teach film-making to non-filmmakers, especially kids as a young as K-3.

In education circles the term "21st Century literacy" was all the rage, and we knew we were in the middle of this "thing" and wanted to share.

We consulted with legends in animation and in educational technology to re-imagine what an animated film school would look like for today's tech savvy kids.

Our main goal was to enable any kid to participate in sharing a story with sound and motion using tech, blended with hand-made hands-on animation experiences.

7-12 year olds watch the Animation Chefs reveal secret animation recipes, and then make the animation on their tablets.

7-12 year olds watch the Animation Chefs reveal secret animation recipes, and then make the animation on their tablets.

Our lessons are device an app independent - principle driven - an evergreen resource for parents and educators.

We crowd-funded our vision. It took us 4 years of nights, weekends and holiday breaks to write, design, create, record and edit everything we've learned.

Animating Kids! is the result.

If you influence kids and have never animated with Legos, clay, paper, furniture, toys - anything - now you have the tools to share the basics of animated film-making and digital storytelling with no previous experience.

The good news? All our efforts fit STEM, STEAM, and STREAM guidelines.

Sharing Animating Kids! with educators at SXSWedu.

Sharing Animating Kids! with educators at SXSWedu.

Parent groups love us because we do the teaching, and they can focus on facilitating.

Kids love this because it is FUN!

Our mission is to make animated storytelling a basic literacy for kids.

Join Us.

Bon Animate!

The Animation Chefs Team

Here is our "hero" photo, looking all vision-y. We hope you get the same goofy excited look when you "get it".

Animating Kids is a youth-centered resource for teaching animation and storytelling skills using classic formulas, concepts, and principles.

Learn animation fundamentals as "cooking demonstrations" with the Animation Chefs, four brothers who have taught stop motion to over 1,000 kids all over the world since 2009.

Short, easy, pre-planned media lessons for busy adult mentors who want to engage youth in building skills in media production. 

Animating Kids re-imagines stop motion animation as a vehicle to send kids as young as early elementary to film school.

Pre-planned hands-on lessons and secret recipes include:

  • Device set-up

  • Explaining the math involved in working with "frames per second"

  • Sound design

  • Creating speed with spacing

  • Slowing-down and speeding-up formulas

  • Squash and stretch concepts

  • Winding-up and following through skills

  • Combining multiple animation concepts simultaneously

  • Quiver and shake recipes

  • Running and walking strategies

  • Character lip-synching

  • Thinking with Blinking

  • And much, much more

Animating Kids involves all academic subject areas:

  • Math in Motion

  • Spatial Awareness

  • Writing

  • Hypothesizing

  • Visualizing written information

  • Sequencing

  • Life Skills - Collaborating • Problem solving • Negotiating

  • Engineering props

  • Improvisation

  • Voice Acting

  • Tinkering - Trial and Error

  • Cinematography

  • Technology Mastery

  • Structuring story

  • Character Development

  • Synthesizing academics, play and creativity in service of a project

  • Meeting deadlines for exhibition and sharing

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A skills-based filmmaking curriculum for young media makers.

A skills-based filmmaking curriculum for young media makers.


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