Recipe 21 - Walk & Run

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What You Will Learn

You will create the illusion of walking and running without using legs or feet. This secret recipe creates walking and running using a zig-zag pattern. You will learn to advance your character up and forward, then down and forward to create the illusion of taking steps.

Change the spacing to change the speed.

Add the sound effect of footsteps, and your audience’s brains will link up the zig-zag pattern with the footstep sounds and accept that a character with no legs can walk.

Why Is This Important?

In traditional animation, making a character walk is one of the most difficult tasks. The head is bobbing forward and backward as the body moves up and down. The hands are swinging in patterns opposite directions from the legs. The joints in the legs and arms are bending and straightening separately from all this. And all of these moving parts are moving forward too! 

We simplify the whole process by using a zig-zag pattern.