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Raves and Testimonials

Thank you SO much for sharing your wealth of information and opening this world of opportunity to every person on the planet with these tools! I first learned about you when my husband introduced our daughter to you. Now I am teaching Technology Education and am bringing you into the classroom. I’m so psyched!
— Joy H.
It’s like sending our 8-10 year olds to film-school. We started from scratch and ended up as independent filmmakers. It changed our kid’s DNA!
— Monique S. Media Specialist - Greenwich, Ct
“Animation Chefs have created a really inspired program! My test group of high schoolers (hardened gang members) like to laugh at the videos, and they love the simple clear explanations. They just have a blast...”
— G. Zucker Austin Tx.
“The Animation Chefs are a perennial hit at Tribeca Film Festival every year. They have minted thousands of young animators with their passion for animated storytelling.”
— Craig Hatkoff - Founder of the Tribeca Film Festival
“The way I described it to my family? This was the best introduction to digital storytelling I have ever been involved in. No exaggeration! It is relevant to everybody right now. Finally, something productive to do with these devices!”
— Nicholas G. - Graduate Student Journalism
“...Joe has turned digital storytelling for kids into a science.”
— Jonathan Demme - Academy Award-winning film maker
“Upon completion of an Animating Kids workshop, my head was spinning. It involved: math, writing, science, team building, art, language arts, engineering, improvisation, innovation, acting, etc. Along with another dozen areas I can’t recall. Can’t wait to use it in class.”
— Marcia - 4th Grade Teacher
“We went through the entire process of learning animated filmmaking with our tablets and smartphones. We could barely keep up. In the end we came away exhilarated rather than exhausted.”
— Cathy S. - Librarian
When youngsters are introduced to storytelling with sound and motion, they begin de-coding the media saturated culture around them. They are no longer passive participants. They are engaged creators who have been tipped off to the machinations of media creation. They now know that all media is constructed to persuade and influence. And they know, first hand, how to do it themselves!
— Joe Summerhays Founder and CEO at Animating Kids
This is the resource we wish we’d had when we started teaching kids how to make their own animated cartoons. We are confident we will put major topspin on any educator’s efforts to help kids step into the world of media production at the youngest ages.
— The Animation Chefs