Recipe 13 - Throw

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What You Will Learn

Wind-up and follow-through are explored as a part of creating a throwing motion. Everybody knows how to throw something. So we will notice the wind-up, the throw, and the follow-through dynamics of throwing. 

Doing this with stop motion animation, including the math to show the pacing, you will start to look for opportunities to wind-up and follow-through in all your animation experiments.

Why Is This Important?

An animator can make almost any motion more interesting by adding some kind of wind-up and follow-through. 

Sometimes the audience enjoys anticipating the action more that watching the action.

The tension of watching a wind-up before an action cues the audience that something is about to happen, and we make them wait just a split second by winding-up.

The follow-through gives our audience as sense of relief, release, and after-ness, which adds to believability of the illusion.