Recipe 20 - Inbetween Blur

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What You Will Learn

You will learn how to create the illusion of speeds too fast for 15fps to capture. Using one long stretched out version of your character, it is possible to trick the eye into believing it can move from point A to point B in 1/15th of a second. It is amazing what the eyes will accept as motion. In-between blurs are one of our favorite animation tricks. This is for high-speed illusions.

Why Is This Important?

In-between blurs add a “zip” of speed to our movies. If you need a superhero to fly fast, a race car to speed off, or a snowball to fly fast, use the in-between blur.

Speeding up and slowing down patterns use too many pictures for this kind of an animated effect. The eyes of your audience cannot tell a long piece of clay with multiple eyes was in for 1/15th of a second. They just see a powerfully fast effect! Their brains, and ours, just think of it as a blur.

Of course, as with everything else in animation, sound effects help the illusion. Add some zooming sounds to add to the impact of an in-between blur.