Recipe 12 - Squash & Stretch / Wind-Up and Follow-Through

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What You Will Learn

We combine squashing and stretching with the idea of a wind-up and a follow-through in this exercise. Winding-up by squashing, and jumping with a stretch and a squash. Then stretching again and, finally, following through with more squash and stretch. As we layer animation concepts upon each other, they overlap to create the illusion of life.

Why Is This Important?

Winding-up before any action, and following-through after the action is rarely noticed by the audience. However, animators know wind-up and follow-through bring life to any motion in a subtle and almost unnoticeable level.

Next time you watch an animation, notice any time a character jumps or flies. They get ready by winding-up in some way. This anticipation helps the audience get ready for the coming action.

An animation will always look better if a follow-through comes after the action.

Knowing and using wind-up and follow-through put you on the road to animation mastery. These are basics.