Recipe 8 - Stretch

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What You Will Learn

Like “Squash”, “Stretch” is a basic vocabulary word in animation. Stretch usually means to make a long, vertical version of your character before or after it squashes. It can show how a prop or a character recoils from a squash by forming the opposite shape. Stretching your character can also give it the impression of moving fast. Stretch is used a lot in animation. This is a basic concept.

Why Is This Important?

In physics, very action must have an equal and opposite reaction.

Squash and stretch help our viewers understand and see the effects of gravity and speed.

We create the illusion of gravity by having our characters contact the ground or lift something heavy or light - this requires the illusion of squashing or stretching matter.

This secret little motion will be applied many many times in our animations. Understanding this basic concept will be one of the main reasons your characters and animations will seem real to your audience.