Recipe 11 - Follow-through

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What You Will Learn

A "Follow-through" helps your audience see that the main action is finished and your character is done with the motion. It is kind of a reset move. You will learn to watch for opportunities to show a follow-through animation after the wind-up, and basic action.

In this lesson a follow-through is made by using squash and stretch. You will start blending multiple animation concepts together in lessons like this. 

Why Is This Important?

Animators breakdown action into smaller parts when preparing to animate. Follow-through can be the final part of an animated motion.

Think of how you follow-through after a sneeze. Do you wipe your nose on your sleeve? Do you wipe your nose with a tissue? These are follow-through motions after the main action. Follow-throughs show your audience you are finished doing the thing that was the main action.