Recipe 15 - Shake

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What You Will Learn

In the cartoon universe, "Shake" happens after collisions, bounces, cold, fear and other situations. We shake the camera to show earthquakes. We shake our characters when they’ve been struck by something. “Shaking in your boots” means fear. Freezing temperature cause us to shiver and shake. It seems simple, but knowing when to shake and how to shake can make a big difference. The ability to shake or vibrate something is an animation basic.

Why Is This Important?

When we watch an animation, a shake helps us know that trauma or intense energy is being released.  Adding a shake to your movie in the right moments helps your audience “shake” in some mysterious unconscious way. Adding shakes whenever you see the opportunity means you are starting to think like an animator. You want to have an impact on the emotions of your audience. So it’s time to get shaking.