Recipe 14 - Sneeze

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What You Will Learn

You will learn the timing and spacing for a sneeze animation. You will use the windup, speeding-up, follow-through and slowing-down spacing in this animation. 

The sneeze recipe is a great example of keeping track of three or four things at the same time. 

Sneezing is also an action where wind-up and follow-through are less obvious than throwing something. Yet we use the same basic formula.

Why Is This Important?

If you can animate a sneeze, you are beginning to put many steps of animation rules together. To experiment with possible variations of sneezing styles, hold the wind-up a few frames longer by taking some extra pictures before the sneeze. Or add more pictures to the end of the sneeze to make it last longer. Tweaking timing by adding or subtracting the amount of pictures you take can produce fun variations.