Recipe 26 - Review

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What You Will Learn

You will learn to complete a short animation using all the recipes in the starter recipe content cook-book. You will use your new skills in service of a story. You will learn the importance of framing a scene. You will learn close-ups are for emotion, medium shots are for speaking, and long shots are for settings and scale.

Finally, you will learn how to improvise with your voice-overs to change the meaning of the story without having to reanimate character’s lip-synching.

Why Is This Important?

Animation is best learned by doing. So far we have isolated the most important skills in animation. Combining all the basic animation concepts into one movie gives us perspective on how and why we use these new skills. The storytelling skills of cinematography (where to put the camera) will bring us closer to being able to compose our own original movie. If you finish this recipe, this makes you an animator! This is just the beginning! 

        Bon Animate!