Recipe 1 - Set Up

What You Will Learn

Setting up a mobile device for table top movie making is easy if you are resourceful! This video shows 8 different ways to get a mobile device in position to start animating. From super cheap to super expensive, we show you many ways to set up for animation.

Our favorite set-up? The fastest and cheapest is a stack of books or a cardboard box. Lock down your device and get animating!

Why Is This Important?

Animators use the term “lock down” to refer to keeping things still. Mobile devices are difficult to lock down because they rarely come with tripod mounts. In this lesson we explore different ways to “lock down” your device to ensure a quality, stable animation. Quality control is the first step of a great animated movie. Controlling your camera is key.



  • Library, your house, Barnes & Nobles

  • Any device

Tabletop ipad stand

  • iPad Air/iPad mini

Manfrotto Mount


Stop Motion Studio Free (Pro $5)

  • iPad/iPhone/Android/Windows

iStopMotion     $12

  • iPad