Recipe 25 - Talking

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What You Will Learn

You will learn how to create the impression your character is speaking. By using different mouth positions in random order, you will create a “speaking loop” which will help you synchronize your voice to the animated lip movements. You can create a short mouth animation which will be copied and pasted to match anything your character might say. This is called V.O., for Voice Overs.

Why Is This Important?

What your characters say may be the most important part of animated storytelling. The majority of cartoons have dialog. In feature films Disney or Pixar creates, the voices are finished BEFORE the animation process starts. Then the animators match the lips of the characters to the pre-recorded voices. This takes years.

We do V.O. last! Working this way creates the freedom to change what our characters say AFTER we animate. We delete or add speaking loops until it matches the voices. 

This secret recipe is the most powerful tool we teach.