Recipe 10 - Summary and Final Movie Premiere!

What You Will Learn

We will review the entire process to keep the steps clear as we play the final version of the movie. New animators will be reminded of the planning, preparation, and hypothesizing that went into the successful invention of the new, unique creation which is the finished animated movie.  You will see the sense of satisfaction and excitement that accompanies the completion of an animation.

Why It Is Important

Though the Animation Chefs invented the Remote Control Movie using this system, any subject matter can be animated using this process. It applies to animating the Water Cycle or Molecules, History or Holiday Cards, Recycling or Rocket Science, or any other subject matter. Find a character, put it in a setting, give it a big juicy problem. Storyboard a shot sequence. Build the sets. Animate. Do sound design. Press play. Viola'. You have reached the Blue Hat Skill Level.