Recipe 8 - Dialogue and Word Play

What You Will Learn

You will learn how to sort through a brainstormed list of dialogue ideas to invent clever and funny wordplay for a scene. You will see how the emotion of a scene can help you choose which ideas are best. You will finish your dialogue for each scene. 

Why It Is Important

Word play, puns, idioms, and acronyms are the life blood of short animation. Unless new animators are going for a "silent movie" on purpose, words and the way we act them out in our Voice Overs (next recipe) will be the most important reasons a movie succeeds. Since most animators using Animating Kids are new, the words become even more important than the animation quality. Beautiful animation can be dragged down by poor dialogue, but poor animation can be saved by the voice acting when the words are carefully chosen. Have fun with the amazing amount of word play possible in any movie idea. 

Click Image To View Training Video

Click Image To View Training Video