Recipe 4 - Utensils and Ingredients

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What You Will Learn

You will learn that table-top cut-paper animation is the fastest easiest way to make an original animation. You will learn that markers, pencils, crayons, paper, tape and scissors are all you need to bring creative worlds to life.
We sometimes throw clay into the mix too, but in a very limited, flattened-for-the-table-top, sense.

Why It Is Important

We are making an original story from scratch. Using pre-made characters like Legos as our main characters is less original. We want to demonstrate how to start from nothing and end up with an original animated story. Designs with hand-made paper cut-outs and drawing utensils make the final product a truly unique and rewarding blend of technology and hand crafted goodness. Legos come later.

Click Image for Training Video

Click Image for Training Video