Recipe 9 - Voice Overs and Sound Design

What You Will Learn

You will learn how to layer dialogue and sound effects (SFX) in a movie. You will see the recipe from the White Hat level in voice synchronization used in a real movie. You will discover that voices can be added as almost the final step to a movie. Additionally, you will find that SFX amplify the impact of the action. SFX includes "Hits" and "Stingers" which add snap and energy to any scene.

Why It Is Important

SFX and Voice overs (VO) are more important than animation quality in the success of an animation. VERY IMPORTANT! We cannot overstate the importance of getting SFX and VO right. We work with looping sequences of lip animation. This means we can do the dialogue last. This also will enable new animators to experiment with many different VO's of dialogue and extend or contract the lip-synching to fit their verbal inventions. See the lip-synching recipe in the White Hat section for review. 

Click on image for Video Training

Click on image for Video Training