Schools Need to Teach VSL - Video as a Second Language

Here at Animating Kids! we make a ruckus about VSL - Video as a Second Language.


As Youtube's Chief Business Officer Robert Kinsel recently pointed out (10:23 mark) - 450 hours of video are ingested every minute on Youtube.

This means Youtube is streaming a billion hours of video everyday. 

Add Facebook, Instagram. Twitter, etc. for an additional billion hours of vids everyday.

Yes, many are cat videos and epic fails.

But an infinite number of helpful topics are shared everyday, such as:

-Cool videos about scientific thinking,

-The history of tech for kids,

-Calculus videos

-How-to vids on engineering for kids.

(Notice the STEM - science, technology, engineering, math - emphasis?)

The 800lb gorilla in the room though, is that all this amazing content is delivered using media literacy skills!!

Ponder the primacy of media-making skills for the upcoming generation!

Sound & video are becoming a basic language everyday in business, law, science, tech, education, etc.

Media education should be taught as a skill starting as young as the early elementary school ages.

How about treating the creation of stories via animation, video, editing and sound design as a core literacy like reading and writing?

This is the future. It is here and it is widely distributed.

Animating Kids! does just this.

We break visual and aural language skills down into simple bite-sized steps, like a basal early-reading curriculum would.

We aren't against reading and writing. In fact, the first step in video production is storytelling with writing.

But to turn written ideas into pictures, and turn those pictures into living, breathing videos, a whole new way of thinking is required.

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