Animation is Now a Team Sport!


Animators are traditionally a solitary lot, especially in the studio system.

One frame a time, one pose at a time, they create the illusion of life.

A good animator can turn out six, seven, maybe even eight seconds of animation in a 50-hour work week.

That's right.

In a week.

When they go to the premiere, the seconds of their animation masterworks are sprinkled here and there throughout the 90+ minute film.

Their names are buried in the cascade of names crawling up the screen during the end credits.

Yes, they are part of a team, but they are sequestered and cut off from many of the other facets of the filmmaking process.

Now look at this picture.

unnamed (1).png

Four kids work on a stop motion project.

Each takes turns running the camera, doing the animation, and preparing the sets.

Each has co-written, co-created, and co-animated their film.

They have brainstormed together, storyboarded together, and built sets together.

They have prepared and organized themselves over 8 one-hour sessions of planning.

Kids around iPad

They will finish the animation of their one minute animated story in approximately 3 hours.

A team of creatives and engineers, yes!

But also actors, sound effects designers, and musicians.

Each having walked the red carpet, they hoist their plastic Oscars overhead with pride after a screening at a local theater who has agreed to celebrate their achievement.

unnamed (3).png

We have seen this happen dozens of times.

It is why we created Animating Kids!

Our system demands teamwork, cooperation, problem solving, creativity, and bonding.

We are turning the solitary act of animating a story into a shared, team-based project that lifts and inspires.

No matter the predisposition or temperament of the participant, all will have their fingerprints on the final product. All will have skin in the game.

This is the new animation paradigm.

Join in the fun!

Bon Animate!

The Animation Chefs