The Best Animation App - Ever! Hint...It Is Not Ours

Imagine if all the original Disney/Warner Bros. animators passed on their best animation skills and thinking behind Pinocchio, Snow White, Fantasia, Cinderella, the Jungle Book - and baked it all into an app.

Thanks to Richard Williams, the academy-award winning force behind Who Framed Roger Rabbitthis happened.

We own it and so should you.

$34.99  (We make no money promoting this.)

Never heard of Richard? 

Long story short?

For 30 years award-winning animation director Richard Williams interviewed, employed, and grilled the old masters of animation from Disney's/Warner Bro's golden age after they retired.

(Something Disney/WarnerBros never took the time to do.)

He compiled it all into a live 4-day masterclass, and traveled the world from 1996-2010 introducing a new generation of animators to this profound knowledge.

He eventually turned this masterclass into a boxed set of 17 DVDs with over 25 hours of instruction.

Then he turned the workshop DVDs into a book, The Animator's Survival Kit.

Then he abridged the DVDs and the book into the Animator's Survival Kit app.

(Fun factoid: when when they filmed his workshop for the DVDs at Blue Sky Studios in NY, we were babysitting his kids.)

Get the app.

Full Stop!

I've taken his workshop 3 times. We own the app, the book, and the DVDs.

They all had a profound influence on the existence of Animating Kids!

Over 20,000 kids are currently using these very same concepts, taught via our age-appropriate secret recipes.

Like Richard, we've taken notes, tweaked, experimented and consolidated everything we've learned.

We hope Animating Kids! becomes to early-ed media instruction what Richard's work has become to the professional animation world; an essential primer on the classics of visual communication.

We've had the privilege of reimagining it all for a young generation of creators with all the Hollywood storytelling tools in their pocket!

If you have any influence with youngsters who love making media, join the 20,000 kids who use Animating Kids! each week and help us to help you become their Richard Williams and pass on the secrets of the masters!

Bon Animate!

Joseph Summerhays

Founder - Animating Kids | Animation Chefs.

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