Subscription options

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White Hat Basics

$12/month x 12 months

Starter level secret recipe videos. Teaches core animation skills and vocabulary applicable to any style of animation.

Includes ad free digital streaming of all White Hat secret recipe videos and downloadable recipe sheets. 24/7 access.

One classroom/home

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Complete 5 Hat Bundle

$39/month x 12 ($468/year)


$397/annually x 1 payment

24/7 access to complete Animating Kids Video Library and Secret Recipe Sheets.

Over 70 targeted student-centered media lesssons with beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

One classroom/home

Includes ad free streaming of all 5 Hat Level lessons and recipe sheets.

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Save over $72 per year with annual payments

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Multiple Sites

Districts and accredited non-traditional and virtual schools pricing is enrollment-based.