White Hat Secret Recipe Overview

Joe Summerhays, founder of Animating Kids and Animation Chefs, shares the thinking and scope behind our White Hat Level Secret Recipes.

You'll need these apps:

• For iPhones, iPads and Macs - iStopMotion by Boinx
• For Android Tablets, iPhones & Smartphones - Stop Motion Studio
• For Google Chrome Books - Stop Motion Animator (Google Play Store)
Here is a great overview of the ways you can use Chromebooks to do stop motion

Bonus Free White Hat Secret Recipe Below!

Watch This White Hat Level Secret Recipe and Download the Free PDF worksheet!

Click Here To Download The Worksheet PDF

We are using Crayola Model Magic in many of our demonstrations. It lasts long, doesn't stain, is not greasy, and is very light. You can also use Silly Putty, Plasticine, cookie dough, ground beef, or any substance you can squash and stretch.

You can substitute paper too, if you don't have any clay lying around. Cut-outs are in the PDF.

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