FAQs About Licensing and Purchasing

Our goal is to make the purchase process as seamless as possible and allow your organization to access to the content quickly.

If you have any questions that are not answered below, please feel free to email us at info@animatingkids.com

• What Defines a One-Classroom Subscription?

A one-classroom subscription is based on one-room, one-teacher with up to 20 students and 20 simultaneous logins. Each primary subscriber will have sole user/password login permissions. One class = one "seat" or "subscription" with a clearly specified instructor.

We offer a 10% discount for additional classrooms in the same building, up to a 50% saving per classroom. For example, 2nd class -10% off, 3rd -20% off, 4th -30%, 5th - 40%, and each additional at -50%. This is often used to have 1 or 2 grade levels in a building subscribe.

If inquiring about multiple-sites or large populations per site, i.e. 100+ students per teacher. See below for quote process and limitations.

• I run a program that cycles 100's of students through one classroom, i.e. library media center, art room, after school program, etc.

We currently serve 15,000 students in these types of environments. A company-wide or school-wide license will be negotiated, taking into account many variables.

Each situation is negotiated separately with enrollment numbers and simultaneous logins playing a large part in the outcome. 

Email info@animatingkids.com to begin the quote process.


• Do We Take Purchase Orders?


• What is your quote process?

Yes! Here is the process:

1. Decide the products you would like to purchase for your team and gain approval from your administration. 

Find out if any additional information is needed to make Animating Kids! an approved vendor (W-9, sole-source, etc.)

2. Submit a request for a quote to info@animatingkids.com Include the following.

  • Name of School

  • Name of Purchasing employee

  • Address of school/district

  • Email address

  • Products requested

  • # of teachers who will need a license

3. We will send you a quote via email along with any additional information needed to be added as a vendor (W-9, sole-source, etc.)

4.  The school or district will create a purchase order and send it to info@animatingkids.com

5.  We will set up and send logins to the purchased resources and email an invoice for payment.

6.  School or district will send check payable or wire transfer to J.S. Productions

Address:  60 Newtown Rd. #49 Danbury Ct. 06810


• Can our school transfer a subscription from one teacher to another mid-year?


A one-year subscription is good for one teacher and CAN be transferred to another teacher at any time. The school owns the subscription rather than the teacher. Preferred by schools, after schools, and districts due to flexibility.

High Enrollment Environments, Building & District Licenses, and Multiple-Site Licenses. 

Many of our subscribers include homeschool organizations, arts councils, libraries, after school and before school multi-site companies, and many unique configurations of disparate-uses of Animating Kids!.

• How Will Teachers Access the Curriculum?

Animating Kids! is a browser-based website streaming service with downloadable support materials and instructor guides available for print-out. A projection screen, tablet or computer screen will be required for viewing, and access to a printer for the PDF printouts.

We do not allow download of our videos off of our service, accept with special permission in limited cased.

Our video tutorials/lessons will be accessed through login to the Animating Kids! site. Currently there is no "app" per se. All content, including downloadable PDFs are accessed when logged in to our website's members area.

Again please email us if we have not answered your questions @ info@animatingkids.com

• What kinds of topics do you cover in each level?

Here is the entire Animating Kids curriculum to date - expanding regularly.

Over 3hrs of 100+ Super Engaging Video Tutorials with Prep-Saving PDFs, and Online P.D.:

White Hat Recipes - The Basics of Animation

  1. Introduction

  2. Set Up

  3. Frames Per Second

  4. Sound Design

  5. Spacing is Speed

  6. Speeding Up/Slowing Down

  7. Bouncing Ball

  8. Squash

  9. Stretch

  10. Bouncing Ball w Squash & Stretch

  11. Wind Up

  12. Follow Through

  13. Squash & Stretch w Wind Up and Follow Through

  14. Throw

  15. Sneeze

  16. Shake

  17. Quiver

  18. Toggle

  19. Loops & Cycles

  20. Loops on a Path

  21. Inbetween Blur

  22. Walk & Runs

  23. Swing

  24. Swing with Overlapping Action

  25. Blinking is Thinking

  26. Talking/Lipsynching

  27. Summary Animation

Yellow Hat Recipes - The Basics Applied to Special Effects

  1. Introduction

  2. Parallax: Motor Boat

  3. Parallax: Airplane w Clouds

  4. Parallax: Car

  5. Moving Away

  6. Moving Toward

  7. Small Explosion

  8. Large Explosion

  9. Poof

  10. Fighting Cloud

  11. Falling Leaf

  12. Rocket Blast Off

  13. Splash

  14. Camera Shake

  15. Zooming In

  16. Cracks & Shatters

  17. Lightning

  18. Flag Wave

  19. Candle Flicker

  20. Tornado

Red Hat Recipes - Character Acting/Posing

  1. Introduction

  2. Crying Calm

  3. Crying Hysterically

  4. Getting Mad

  5. Steam Out Of Ears

  6. Eye Pop 1

  7. Eye Pop 2

  8. Eye Pop 3

  9. Lightbulb Over Head

  10. Single Take

  11. Double Take

  12. Triple Take

  13. SloMo NO!

  14. Sloppy Chewing

  15. Coming Soon

  16. Coming Soon

  17. Coming Soon

  18. Coming Soon

  19. Coming Soon

  20. Coming Soon

  21. Coming Soon

Blue Hat Recipes - The Animation Chefs System: Creating A Short Animated Story from Scratch!

  1. Introduction

  2. Inventing a Story

  3. Storyboarding

  4. Brainstorming Dialog

  5. Utensils and Ingredients

  6. Layout Sizing and Timing - 3 Videos

  7. Organizing Props

  8. Animating The Scenes

  9. Finalizing Dialogue and Word Play

  10. Editing and Sound Design

  11. Final Movie and Organizing Premieres

Black Hat Recipes - Professional Development & Case Studies

  1. Introduction

  2. Instructor P.D. for the Animation Chefs Method: 10 vids @ 90 Minutes w Time-Saving Prep for Instructing All Blue Hat Level Recipes

  3. Person-imation - Animating Actual Kids: 7 Recipes for Using Animation Basics with Humans.

  4. Case Study 1 - Shark vs Rabbit Behind the Scenes: Sharkler

  5. Case Study 2 - Shark vs Rabbit Behind the Scenes: Carpe De-Carrot


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