5 Samples of Animating Kids Curriculum

Video Overview of White Hat Lessons

Sample White Hat Recipe: Bouncing Ball with Squash and Stretch

Video Overview of Yellow Hat Lessons

Sample Yellow Hat Recipe: Cloud Parallax

Video Overview of Red Hat Recipes

Sample Red Hat Recipe: Steam Out of Ears

Video Introduction to Blue Hat Recipes

Sample Blue Hat Recipe: Inventing a Story

Sample Black Hat Recipe: Shark Vs Rabbit Case Study

"Cumulative and fun..."

Playful animation fundamentals demonstrated by the Animation Chefs, four brothers who have taught stop motion to over 1,000 kids all over the world since 2009.

Discover and experience the fundamentals that animators and filmmakers have used for the past 100+ years. They boil it all down into short, easy-to-do secret recipes.

Animating Kids is a logical scope and sequence method of teaching animation and filmmaking skills, vocabulary and principles for early learners.