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A Taste Of Animation


No Subscription Necessary

A Sampler of Animating Kids Recipes from our White Hat, Yellow Hat, Red Hat and Blue Hat levels.

Our Top Ten Secret Recipes for Beginners. A PDF with Downloadable Animation Formulas and Fun Characters! Clickable links to Video Demonstrations by the Animation Chefs!

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White Hat Level Recipes


Digital Access White Hat, Yellow Hat, Red Hat Secret Recipes. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Animation exercises with step-by-step video demos modeled by the Animation Chefs. Over 70 pre-planned animation lessons with downloadable instructor guides and secret recipe sheets.


All Hat Levels

$597 annually

$59.99 monthly

Our Complete System Of Animation Secret Recipes AND step-by-step modeling of the complete digital storytelling process

140+ Pre-planned Secret Recipe Demonstrations with over 5 hours of video tutorials and professional development.

• White Hat - Beginners Level • Yellow Hat - Special Effects • Red Hat - Acting • Blue Hat - Production Process • Black Hat - P.D. & Case Studies 1-on-1 Live Coaching on Customizing Animating Kids for Your Site.

Live On-site P.D. Training for Multiple S