A Taste of Animation


A Taste of Animation


The Animation Chefs Present A Sampler of Secret Recipes from the Animating Kids Library

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A Taste Of Animation - is a curated selection of secret recipes from the Animating Kids! animation instructional platform.

The Animating Kids! offers 150 pre-planned lessons and over 5 hours of video tutorials for Media Specialists, After School Programs, Makerspaces, STEM and STEAM classes, and other organizations serving large populations of young media makers.

Animating Kids! is organized like media karate/meets cooking show format. The Animation Chefs demonstrate White Hat, Yellow Hat, Red Hat, Blue Hat, and Black Hat level skills in media production.

As we’ve developed Animating Kids! over the past four years, a large population of parents and instructors have expressed interest in a “sampler plate” or a “taste” of the goodies from the massive Animating Kids! platform, without having to join a yearly subscription.

A Taste of Animation is that request fulfilled. The downloadable eBook PDF includes three secret recipes from each level of Animating Kids! - each with it’s accompanying worksheets and video tutorials.

A Taste of Animation includes over 40 minutes of video and 20 secret recipe worksheets and prop cut-outs to help the beginner experience the basics of animated storytelling.

A Taste of Animation does not include a stop motion app. This you will need to download separately. We offer a list of apps and devices we’ve used on page 5.

We also include testimonials and comments from early adopters of Animating Kids! and a few testimonial videos so you can feel the excitement surrounding this type of media education.

We hope you enjoy this sampler from the Animating Kids! platform.

And as we always say…

Bon Animate!

The Team at Animating Kids