Black Hat Level Preview

Professional Development: Storyboarding Realities With Young Learners.

A Major Part of the Black Hat Level is Professional Development.

Here Joe walks new instructors through the story-boarding recipe taught by the Animation Chefs within their Blue Hat section

Animating Kids! Has Over 90 Minutes of This Kind of



Professional Development

For First-Time Media Mentors.

The entire process of making an animated movie with youngsters is broken down by both the Animation Chefs and by Joe in two separate tracks. Animation Chefs at an age appropriate level in the Blue Hat Section and Joe at the Professional Development Level in the Black Hat Section.

Bonus Sneak Peek

Additionally, the Black Hat Section has several behind-the-scenes case studies, including the breakdown of a Shark vs Rabbit episode included below!

Today kids can create their own cartoon network! Learn the principles taught in Animating Kids! and help kids bring their imaginations to life!

Watch A Mashup of All the Shark Vs Rabbit Animations Below

Send Your Young Media Makers To Animation School! Give Them Skills To Survive in the 21st Century!