A Taste of Animation


A Taste of Animation

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A Sampler Plate of Secret Recipes from the Animating Kids! platform.

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A Taste of Animation is a sampler plate of secret recipes from the Animating Kids! curriculum.

3 Recipes from each of the different hat levels in Animating Kids! are included.*

This 46 page workbook is geared to give the beginning animator experience with timing, spacing, and math formulas that produce classic animation examples.

All secret recipes have been culled from the 150 lessons and over 5hrs of video over at Animating Kids!

We serve major organizations with our curriculum, and this is the first time we’ve offered a sampler of the training from each section of Animating Kids.

A Taste of Animation is great way to share the essence of our program without having to subscribe!

It’s time to get cooking!

Bon Animate!

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*Stop motion apps not included. We have a recommended list of apps and devices on page 5.