Four brothers on a mission

To change the face of education by engaging and energizing today's busy media mentors of tomorrow's digital storytellers.

Animating Kids is a youth-centered resource for teaching animation and storytelling skills using classic formulas, concepts, and principles.

Experience learning animation fundamentals as "cooking demonstrations" with the Animation Chefs, four brothers who have taught stop motion to over 1,000 kids all over the world since 2009.

Short, easy, pre-planned media lessons.

An Animating Kids subscription is for busy adults who want to engage youth in building skill in media production. 

Animating Kids is their masterclass in animation. Taking stop motion animation as the vehicle to drive home media-making concepts, the Animation Chef's mission is to get media skills into the minds and heart of young kids worldwide.


Pre-planned hands-on lessons and secret recipes include:

  • Device set-up

  • Explaining the math involved in working with "frames per second"

  • Sound design

  • Creating speed with spacing

  • Slowing-down and speeding-up formulas

  • Squash and stretch concepts

  • Winding-up and following through skills

  • Combining multiple animation concepts simultaneously

  • Quiver and shake recipes

  • Running and walking strategies

  • Character lip-synching

  • Thinking with Blinking

  • And much, much more

Animating Kids will challenge young learners in all academic subject areas:

  • Math in Motion

  • Discover how time and space are related

  • Following instructions

  • Dialogue

  • Visualizing written information

  • Sequencing a storyboard

  • Hypothesizing

  • Engineering props

  • Improvisation

  • Voice Acting

  • Thinking Spatially

  • Composing scenes with cinematographic rules

  • Understand reasoning behind camera positions

  • Structuring story

  • Collaborating • Problem solving • Negotiating

  • Synthesizing academics, play and creativity in service of a project

  • Meeting deadlines for exhibition and sharing

We will be adding lessons and projects monthly at no additional cost throughout 2017, so your investment grows along with your kids' passion for bringing creativity to life!

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A skills-based media production curriculum for young kids.

A skills-based media production curriculum for young kids.

Let us save you time and energy by providing a "turn-key" solution for teaching visual expression skills to elementary age media makers!

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The Animation Chefs Team


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