About The Animation Chefs

We are four brothers who's mission it is to make a dent in the media-making universe.

Think of us as a blend of Bob RossTim Burton/Ray Harryhausen, and the Swedish Chef.

We have produced our own webshow about animation since 2009. We have had the opportunity to teach thousands of kids the joys of stop motion filmmaking on three continents. Animating Kids is currently used in over 500 sites in 12 countries and 16 states in the USA. 

With our experience and generous support from our crowd-funding supporters we have been able to spend the past three years developing...

The Animating Kids subscription is our mission to help kids learn media making like they learn reading and writing. 

Our lessons are principle and concept based recipes that are device and app independent.  

We save our subscribers time with pre-planned hands-on lessons and secret recipes for:

  • Device set-up

  • Explaining the math involved in working with "frames per second"

  • Sound design

  • Creating speed with spacing

  • Slowing-down and speeding-up formulas

  • Squash and stretch concepts

  • Winding-up and following through skills

  • Combining multiple animation concepts simultaneously

  • Quiver and shake recipes

  • Running and walking strategies

  • Character lip-synching

  • Thinking with Blinking

  • And much, much more

Animating Kids lessons will challenge young learners to:

  • Do the Math of Motion

  • Discover how time and space are related

  • Follow instructions

  • Write dialogue

  • Visualize written infomation

  • Sequence a storyboard

  • Hypothesize

  • Engineer props

  • Improvise

  • Voice Act

  • Think Spatially

  • Compose scenes with cinematographic rules

  • Understand reasoning behind camera positions

  • Structure story

  • Collaborate • Problem solve • Negotiate

  • Synthesize academics, play and creativity in service of a project

  • Enjoy public exhibition and sharing

We will be adding lessons and projects monthly at no additional cost throughout 2017, so your value investment in young media makers grows along with their passion for bringing their creativity to life!

Subscribe to Animating Kids today!

A skills-based media production curriculum for young kids.

A skills-based media production curriculum for young kids.

Let us save you time and energy by providing a "turn-key" solution for teaching visual expression skills to elementary age media makers!

Thank You! 

The Animation Chefs Team


School and District Subscription Plans Available

Contact info@animatingkids.com for more information.  

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