What is Animating Kids?

Animating Kids is a mobile device-based film school for the youtube generation! Brought to you by the Animation Chefs!

Join us for an exciting journey into the basics of animation principals, secrets, timing, and filmmaking. Our step-by-step videos and secret recipe sheets will turn the youngest learner into an animation master.

Get Started

The Animating Kids Starter Kit is available now! 

How-to video lessons on the basic vocabulary and secret recipes animators have used for the past 80 years. Geared for elementary school-aged learners and their non-animating teachers and mentors.


What they have accomplished nothing short of astounding.
— Craig Hatkoff - Founder of the Tribeca Film Festival
They have turned digital storytelling into a science.
— Jonathan Demme - Academy Award winning film maker
The way I described it to my family?” This was the best introduction to digital storytelling i have ever been involved in. No exaggeration! It is so relevant to everybody right now, oldsters and youngsters!
— Nicholas G. - Graduate Student Journalism
“Upon completion of an Animating Kids workshop, we listed the academic subject areas we touched upon. Math, Writing, Science, Team building, Art, Engineering, Improvisation, innovation, etc. We listed about 10 other areas too. We underlined one thing in particular. FUN!
— Marcia - 4th Grade Teacher
We went through the entire process of learning animated filmmaking with our tablet. We could barely keep up. In the end we came away exhilarated rather than exhausted.
— Cathy S. - Parent