Overview of Animating Kids Curriculum

5 Sample Secret Recipe Videos Below

(Approximately 12 minutes to view)

Animating Kids is a logical scope and sequence method of teaching animation and filmmaking skills, vocabulary and principles for early learners. 

"Cumulative and fun..."

Playful animation fundamentals demonstrated by the Animation Chefs, four brothers who have taught stop motion to over 1,000 kids all over the world since 2009.

Discover and experience the fundamentals that animators and filmmakers have used for the past 100+ years. They boil it all down into short, easy-to-do secret recipes.

5 graduated hat levels for a blackbelt in media-making confidence. 

Video Overview of White Hat Lessons

Introduction to White Hat Recipes: The Basics

Learn the basic principles, vocabulary, and skills behind all animation by experiencing a

step-by-step hands-on series of lessons. 

Sample White Hat Recipe: Bouncing Ball with Squash and Stretch

Video Overview of Yellow Hat Lessons

Introduction to Yellow Hat Recipes: Combining the Basics

You have all the basics down. You are ready to combine, mix, and experiment with animation basics and special effects with unique blends of animation principles. Your vocabulary expands!

Sample Yellow Hat Recipe: Cloud Parallax

Video Overview of Red Hat Recipes

Introduction to Red Hat Recipes: Character Animation

Your animation confidence and technique are to the point where you can create character acting. You learn how to help a character move through a range of emotions and poses which impact your audience's enjoyment!

Sample Red Hat Recipe: Steam Out of Ears

Video Introduction to Blue Hat Recipes

Introduction to Blue Hat Recipes: Bring a Story to Life

You now have the knowledge and skills to venture into animated storytelling. It's time to bring it all together! Storyboarding, dialogue, set building, character design, shot selection, timing, layout, pacing, acting, sound effects, editing, and voice overs all come together as you see a movie unfold from scratch to finished film. 

Sample Blue Hat Recipe: Inventing a Story

Introduction to Black Hat Recipes: Projects & Ideas

Examples and behind-the-scenes tips and tricks from real-world projects.

Ideas for school projects, holiday-themed animations, after school projects, cartoon series creation, and insights into the many ways stop motion can bring things to life. Always expanding and growing. 

Sample Black Hat Recipe: Shark Vs Rabbit Case Study

We have designed Animating Kids to be used by both experienced media specialists and non-filmmaker facilitators.

If you love Edtech and actively mentor young media-makers, but have little background in animation or video production, Animating Kids is for you.

Pre-planned lessons with video demonstrations and blackline recipe printouts make Animating Kids a breeze to implement.

Whether projecting on a white board for passive group learning, project based assignments, or fun homework experiments, Animating Kids serves to "animate kids" to learn media making strategies from a young age. 

Join us on this journey! 

Be the difference kids seek in an media mentor.

No previous experience necessary.