All Shark Vs Rabbit Episodes


Two Behind the Scenes “Making of” Videos

Before You Watch - Some Backstory

Years ago during, using our Character/Setting/Problem format from the Blue Hat Recipe 1, our idea was to make a cartoon series out of whatever we generated and create some kind of meaningful serial/episode storylines from scratch. 

We literally pulled a shark and a rabbit out of pile of randomly brainstormed characters.

A rabbit on a desert island being pursued by a shark? 

This seemed to have a "Coyote - Road Runner" or “Tom and Jerry” feel to it. 

We had at it for a Summer and this is what we made…


Shark Vs Rabbit - Spin Cycle

Shark Vs Rabbit - Compliation #1

Shark Vs Rabbit - Compilation #2

Shark Vs Rabbit  - Sharknado

Behind the Scenes: Sharkler

Behind The Scenes: Carpe De Carrot

Shark Vs Rabbit - All in One!