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*Our Most Powerful Time-Saving Recipe

White Hat Recipe #20 - Talking: Lip-Synching

What You Will Learn

By animating different mouth positions in random order, you will create a “speaking loop” which will be copied and pasted to match or "lip-synch" to your voice-overs.

Why This Is Important

Traditionally, animators lip-sync mouth positions to pre-recorded voices. This takes a-long-time-to-do!

Our secret recipe for voice-over "speaking loops" creates the freedom to improvise the voices of our characters AFTER we animate them. This secret recipe is the most powerful tool we teach.

Thank you for joining us in revolutionizing media education.


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Bon Animate!

Animating Kids instantly turned our 4th grade class into a film school. No prep other than printing out the worksheet for small group, student-led fun. A no brainer. It made me look like a genius, and took no time to log on and stream to the whiteboard.
— William Josephs - Vernon Elementary Media Specialist