Shark Vs Rabbit - All

Making A Cartoon Series!

In all, 49 Classic Coyote and Road Runner cartoons were created between 1949 - 2014.

Each are about  6-7 minutes long with about 10-11 gags or set-pieces per episode.

By the time we finished our Shark Vs Rabbit animated shorts, we had 11 separate stories totaling 6-7 minutes.

Back in the day, 10 animators had to work 6-7 months to produce this amount of animation.

We are not equating our quality to theirs, but our effort is evidence that we live in an exciting new world for kids with media making tools! 

We did this in about 10 six hour sessions. Just the four of us, using the formulas and strategies we've developed to help kids make their own movies.

We hope this helps you catch the vision of what we are trying to do here at Animating Kids!

The entire history of Hollywood animated filmmaking tools are baked into a smartphone or tablet. 

Let's use them to make meaning! 

These are the literacy skills of tomorrow.

Please share Shark Vs Rabbit with anyone who is interested in what kids can do with today's tech.

Bon Animate! 

The Animation Chefs