Five Color-Coded Levels of Mastery.

Watch The Videos For A Summary Of Each Level.

  Video Overview of White Hat Lessons

White Hat Recipes: The Basics

The secret recipes behind the basic principles, vocabulary, and skills in animation. These can be applied to any objects: Legos, toys, clay, paper cut-outs, or people.

 Video Overview of Yellow Hat Lessons

Yellow Hat Recipes: Combining the Basics

You have all the basics down. You are ready to combine, mix, and experiment with animation basics and special effects with unique blends of animation principles. Your vocabulary expands!

 Video Overview of Red Hat Recipes

Red Hat Recipes: Character Animation

Your animation confidence and technique are to the point where you can create character acting. You learn how to help a character move through a range of emotions and poses which impact your audience's enjoyment!

 Video Introduction to Blue Hat Recipes

Blue Hat Recipes: Bring a Story to Life

You now have the knowledge and skills to venture into animated storytelling. It's time to bring it all together! Storyboarding, dialogue, set building, character design, shot selection, timing, layout, pacing, acting, sound effects, editing, and voice overs all come together as you see a movie unfold from scratch to finished film. 

Black Hat Recipes: Projects, Ideas and Professional Development videos.

Learn our process and methods culled from 8 years of teaching kids all over the world. Our founder walks teachers and parents through the process of bringing a story alive with animation and sound.

We go behind the scenes of Shark Vs Rabbit to show how kids can create their own cartoon series. This is an open-ended level of Animating Kids. Check back here often to see what we are cooking up next!

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